We utilize design-thinking to partner on a variety of brand storytelling projects.

Times Square Alliance
As a participant in an urban environmental study, a small number of design teams were asked to submit ideas for the Times Square district that was experiencing pedestrian gridlock. We were recommending a new icon: a glass bridge that would take tourists off the sidewalks where local business people were finding it hard to get to work or to meetings. Along with the bridge, several seating modules with a highly reflective mirrored surface would also act as meeting places, photo opportunities, and security bollards. Ann Harakawa, Duncan Jackson and I made the most complete recommendation including technology uplink and road surface treatments for events, security, and general wayfinding.

New York City
Urging New Yorkers to quit, Mayor Bloomberg and the Department of Health asked for a clear sign—to be disseminated to all restaurants and bars for which we supplied decals and paper cards in two color schemes. Two other New York projects that were done while at 212 Associates: bringing the Olympics to our city in 2012 and exhibits to remember and rebuild Lower Manhattan after the attacks of September 11.

We are problem solvers and visual storytellers making quality products—useful things that speak to people. Here, we are in Ladakh, India, documenting the creation of shade structures by a design team organized by BaSiC Initiative and led by Sergio Palleroni.

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum
This forward-leaning organization in Ridgefield, Connecticut, needed to produce an annual report. We felt that it could also serve as a gift to major donors. Sculptor Orly Genger, an artist whose work had been featured at the Museum in previous years, became our choice to collaborate on the tactile quality of the product. www.aldrichart.org

Color and Form
Information design, when part of branding for organizations needing to visualize stories and clarify methods for their audiences, depends on both visual and editorial skills.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park
Wayfinding strategy and implementation for visitors to Roosevelt Island who need to make their way by foot or by bus to the new memorial designed by Louis Kahn. www.fdrfourfreedomspark.org

New York City Ballet

This cultural institution was seeing its audience grow older. An athletic new quality needed to be expressed. A younger crowd needed to be engaged. Two principal dancers developed a workout and were holding classes in several New York Sports Clubs. Susan Evans and I took charge of designing this book around the workout using both Paul Kolnick and Richard Corman photography to appeal to a younger, broader base. www.nycballet.com

Brand Marks
As a mark maker, I find it very satisfying to create visual symbols that can speak for the mission of organizations, and their products or initiatives.

Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor
This typography is inspired by hand-painted letterforms in early advertisements on the sides of buildings as found in archival images or still seen from along the Canalway today. Illustration sketches are by Corey Mintz. www.eriecanalway.org

Indian Hill Gallery of Fine Photography
Identity system created for a Vermont business selling both fine art and imaging services. Work included site signage, newsletters, posters and a fine reproduction art book for one of the gallery artists. www.indianhillimageworks.com

New Jersey Transit
This transportation group had a wide variety of printed timetables, some of which were thick booklets with staples—using a lot of paper. While at 212 Associates, I designed and directed the creation of a new system of templates—with timetables, maps and other information—all crafted for legibility, ease of use, and sustainability. Designers Laura Varrachi and Julie Park brought the program through to Light Rail in Spanish and English languages.

Niels Diffrient and Generalist Ink, LLC
This American master of industrial design wanted to publish his personal journey through a life rich with great clients and useful products. We collaborated in designing the product and the web site to promote it. He was a generous and humorous mentor. I miss him greatly. www.generalist-ink.com

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of America
Automated people movers shown in a few different color and form schemes meant to integrate with a Florida airport brand and that specific physical environment.

Furniture and Textile Design
As a partner in Comfortable Planet I design and prototype multi-functional pieces from solid hardwoods. Sisco & Studio is involved with textile experimentation—hands-on weaving with bacteria-resistent fibers and long-lasting polyesters. Solutions for the home and the hospitality industry, including medical facilities, is of particular interest to me. Edgar Go and his team in Manila made several prototypes for our first 48 designs.

Painting and Collage
This work is happening simultaneous to creative direction and graphic design for print and web, sometimes integrated with client work.

My knowledge of tapestry and the Jacquard powerloom process mixed with my interest in anything graphic has allowed for a business idea to emerge: customized cloth for heirloom or legacy applications in the home or other environments. My mentor, Helena Hernmarck, is an incredible source for learning technique and process. www.hernmark.com

BaSiC Initiative
As a true believer and friend to this organization, Sisco & Studio was involved in the documentation of work being done at the Druk White Lotus School in the Ladakh region of India, high in the Himalayas. The children at this growing school needed shade structures and this organization needed the stories and imagery in a format useful for gaining future funding. www.basicinitiative.com

Erie Lackawanna Ferry Terminal
While at 212 Associates, I designed and directed the creation of a typographic system to be integrated into the renovated space in Hoboken that commuters would flow through using ferry service to and from Manhattan. Photographer: Eduard Hubert, prime contractor: STV.

College Art Association
I developed a magazine format design and produced layouts for monthly issues many years back— just before desktop publishing programs were becoming available to designers.

Sisco & Studio
Studio and home design renovation included ample space for design, painting and gardening, the three things that make life seem both timeless and time-sensitive. Foyer painting by renowned artist Michael DeFeo. www.michaeldefeo.com

l’Orto—A Kitchen Garden
Developed as a year-round supply of food and decoration, this garden provides vegetables, cutting flowers, berries, and herbs not to mention the chamomile lawn. Michael Blakeney, the resident gardener, uses everything—lemon balm and peppermint for bug spray, calendula for skin ointments, plum and heirloom tomatoes for sauces and special herbs for creating cocktails.

Starwood Hotels and Resorts
Large-scale environment messaging was designed for a world conference and was timed to reveal all of its elements over four days. Use of painter scaffolding, jumbo-format photographs, beaded curtains and cloth strips, and participants created a “wishing tree” with commitments attached to the surface of this enormous entrance to conference auditorium.

As consulting art director/designer, I launched this health food product with initial packaging and labels, web presence and other marketing collateral. Meryl Yoss, client and cohort, is the most organized person I know.